Why join to MCL

Manto Circular Lab


Participation helps young people to develop their personality. In particular, social volunteering involves many of them, developing their identity and expanding their social network within the community where they live.

The network of scientific, technological and professional skills that MCL intends to consolidate will favor the interaction between young people, school and industry. Such interactions will be catalyzed by get-togethers, internships (alone or as a group) and experimental projects.

MCL and its network promote participation to national and international fairies and conferences. Such meetings are fundamental for a positive interaction with different cultures, with the ultimate aim of increasing everybody’s knowledge.


Companies can financially support MCL and enter a positive growth loop. They can meet enthousiastic interns and potential tomorrow’s employees. Companies, via MCL, have a direct channel to meet students and professionals.
Further, Corporate Social Responsibility demands that companies promote social and economic wellbeing of the areas where they operate. Such aspect can be pursued by joining MCL.
Finally, MCL is a great channel to spread privates’ scientific innovations, thanks to the association’s outreach capacity.


To collaborate means to challenge yourself, to learn new things. Collaboration is a key concept of MCL: what is learnt stays for life, potentially helping for instance to get a job, boost the career or receive new cultural input. The networking opportunities of MCL may give positive and durable advantages to the ones who encounter them.
Donating time and effort is an incredibly valuable contribution to MCL. It doesn’t need to take much time: even a simple hand for an event is deemed precious.
Participating to MCL activities allows to be in contact with young people and help them – and those around them – to grow. At the same time, it allows to contribute to research projects and develop new ideas together with students, associates and volunteers.
Some MCL projects may grant the opportunity to travel abroad to network, meet new cultures and broaden personal horizons.