Manto Circular LAB

Libertà creativa per le tue passioni e curiosità


MCL is an Association for Social Promotion (APS, Associazione di Promozione Sociale), fostering scientific research, innovation & technological development. We focus on young generations and green, sustainable projects.

We aim at disseminating innovative approaches and cultural innovation, with an inclusive approach involving both society and industry, targeting both local and global challenges. Our ultimate goal is to catalyze the exchange of ideas, knowledge and technology.

To catalyze such exchange, we offer internships tailored to our MCL projects, creating professional know-how and guiding students toward creating their own companies.


Our interests

The key interest of MCL is the interplay between society and environment. We aim at creating green, sustainable projects based on the concept of circular economy. Our projects have a profound impact on society too, as they create jobs and enhance cooperation. Our interests go beyond scientific research and our local territory: we recognize our activity is framed in a global, connected world. Further, we highly value cultural and artistic input that make our projects truly multidisciplinary.


REASONS: Why join?

Young people and Students

Companies and other Partners

To Everyone


To develop green and blue circular economy concepts, to promote innovation and generating new job opportunities.

To develop environmentally sustainable processes, targeting both society and industry, adding value to environmental, economic and cultural resources.

To develop and disseminate environmental awareness, with a particular focus on young generations. Awareness that must translate into responsible behavioral changes.

To foster the passion for studying and learning, with the ultimate aim of promoting professional and personal development. To meet new cultures and broaden the horizons of young generations via international experiences.

To develop civic awareness in terms of preservation, maintenance and protection of our environmental and cultural heritage.